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Function and Smart Boards

Software and Web Services


The ioBridge Monitor & Control Modules help bridge the gap between the physical world and the World Wide Web. The ioBridge modules and online tools at or (for professional users) enable OEM, Professional and DIY users to easily get devices on the web. There is no need to run a local web server or track ever changing dynamic IP addresses. The ioBridge modules takes care of  internet connectivity and user customizable widgets on the ioBridge website remove the need for complex programming. Just plug in your ioBridge module, register on the ioBridge website and within minutes, you’ll be interacting with lights, switches, servos and sensors. Keep your widgets private on your secure ioBridge dashboard or publish them on your website for the entire world to enjoy!

The IO-204 module, its associated expansion board, web interfaces and services are sold and licensed at competitive prices to encourage creative technology use. The IO-204-PRO module with improved hardware and server features supports OEM and Professional users. Optional customization services can be engaged to tailor ioBridge’s technology to meet your specific application needs.  Add-on Function and Smart Boards are also available to extend the capabilities of the modules.

Module Comparison

Feature IO-204 IO-204-PRO
Web-based Monitoring and Control
Input output channels (4x Analog In, 4x Digital/Pulse In, 4x Digital Out)
Pulse counting, pulse output and serial data output
Optional Function Boards with built-in sensor scaling (Temperature, Humidity, Light, Range)
Ethernet connectivity
Firewall pass-through for easy network installation (no port-forwarding or dynamic DNS required)
Highly secure encryption based communication
Personal Web Dashboard
User definable drag-and-drop dashboard Widgets
Easy wizard-based setup (no software development required)
Web-based Data Logging
Charting of data logs
4 readings logged every 10 minutes
30 day data log storage
Easy to integrate with and extend using API access
Wizard-based On-board Rules and Actions for control even when offline
144 API transactions in 24 hours (alerts, external posts, API access)
Optional add-on Smart Board capability (X10, Servo, Serial)
Screw terminal connectors
Dedicated on-board serial
Extended temperature range
Electrostatic protection
99.9% availability service level commitment on professional servers
Custom scaling using Expression Builder Optional Optional
8 readings logged every 1 minute with 1 year data log storage Optional Optional

Function and Smart Boards

Function Boards

Function boards are small plug-in circuits that use an I/O channel in it’s native I/O mode. The function board may use one or more signal lines (digital in, digital out, analog in). The module has no way of knowing which function board is plugged in and the usually the matching widget need to be tailored to suit the function. For example, when a Temperature Probe function board is attached, a user will need to set the Scaling for that channel’s analog input to Temp F or Temp C. This will convert the normal raw value, 0 to 1023, into a temperature that can be displayed.

  • Channel Tester (FB-1) – used to test all the I/O channel signal lines
  • Temperature Probe (FB-2) – measures temperature
  • DPDT Relay Board (FB-3) – actuates a relay from the digital output
  • Ambient Light Sensor (FB-4) – measures light
  • Terminal Board (FB-5) – provides screw-terminal style attachment points
  • Buzzer Board (FB-6) – emits a 2kHz tone at 85dB
  • Serial LCD (FB-7) – display messages using any serial connection
  • Humidity Sensor (FB-8) – Measure 0% to 100% relative humidity

  • Please visit our online store to purchase ioBridge Function Boards.

    Smart Boards

    An ioBridge Smart Board extends the functionality of the IO-204 module and provides more complex functionality than function boards. Please note that Smart Boards are NOT compatible with the IO-204-PRO.

    The following Smart Boards are currently available:

  • Servo Controller Smart Board (SB-1)
  • X10 Smart Board (SB-4)
  • Serial Smart Board (SB-5)

  • Please visit our online store to purchase ioBridge Smart Boards.

    Software and Web Services

    ioBridge modules include access to free software on the Internet that is accessible by web browsers and mobile devices.  The software interface is accessible through your browser at or (for the professional modules).  ioBridge customers are provided with interfaces to set-up and configure their modules and a personal dashboard.

    Dashboard for ioBridge

    Click here for more information on ioBridge Software and Web Services.